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VC Bet Bookmakers from Victor Chandler



Why bet with VC Bet bookmakers from Victor Chandler

Opening a bookmakers account with VC Bet from Victor Chandler is straightforward and should only take a few minutes, and VC Bet bookmakers even offers a FREE £50 bet for all new betting customers

What sports can I bet on at VCBet bookmakers?
Within the VC Bet site you'll find betting opportunities on all mainstream and several minority sports including specials. By browsing the VC Bet bookmakers sports menu on the left navigation of VC Bets home page you'll find a full list of current betting opportunities.
What is the minimum stake per bet at Victor Chandlers VC Bet?
The minimum stake per single bet is £1 (or currency equivalent). For a multiple bet the minimum unit stake is £0.05 (or currency equivalent).
What is the maximum pay out at
VC Bet's maximum online pay out is £100,000 per customer per day.
Is it safe to bet online with Victor Chandler's VC Bet bookmakers?
Victor Chandler's bookmakers site VC Bet recognises that online security is an area of vital importance to all its bookmaker customers and no stone is left unturned in VCBets search to make your online betting experience as safe and secure as possible.
VC Bet's internet bookmaker service operates a raft of security measures including fully encrypted data transfer and multiple redundant servers to ensure that all VCBet customer funds and personal details are stringently protected.
Every card that is submitted to VictorChandlers VC Bet is subjected to a series of comprehensive online checks with bankers to confirm its validity.



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